Made to Measure

Few materials offer the opportunity to customise the dimensions, shape and bowl position of a bathroom vanity top. And most that do are either a form of plastic or artificial stone resin.

Modern polished concrete gives you this adaptability, along with minimalist style, durability, and the warmth that comes with hand-made and hand-polished furniture.

Boya Vanity shown left

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Wall or Cabinet Mount

For those who love an open airy look to their bathroom, a wall-mounted polished concrete vanity top with wall taps, is a perfect choice.

Our proprietary blend of reinforced concrete is light enough to be mounted to most walls using a pair of our strong Concrete Studio brackets.

Baly Vanity shown here

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Sloping Water Plane

Our signature vanity top, popular in homes and hospitality venues around Australia.

These free-flowing vanity tops add a super-contemporary touch to any bathroom, and can be a great alternative to choosing between a single or double vanity top.

Darbal Vanity shown here

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Perfect Configuration

Your choice of single or double bowls, lengths up to a huge 3600mm, and everything configurable so that all is exactly where you want it.

  • 10 year residential guarantee
  • 12 vivid colours
  • 13th year of quality making

Kaarla Vanity shown here

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Vivid Colour

A carefully blended colour palette using our unique liquid pigment technology.

Now available across all our product ranges.

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